Grocery Haul | Food Diary

I got these groceries a few days ago… khm khm… correction…a lot of days ago but I still think is a good idea to share! Anyways, this is what I get on a regular basis, so let’s pretend that I bought everything yesterday! :p

Pantry Stables: 

  • 16466573_10212296402515314_524727349_o Porridge oats with wheat bran, cause I need that extra fiber! (1kg)
  • Risotto rice (1kg)
  • “Carolina”, medium grain rice (1kg)
  • Spaghetti (400g)
  • Vermicelli pasta (500g)


16492347_10212296400955275_333870120_o12 eggs, they are free range only because I like them soft boiled…




  • 16492533_10212296399995251_921250780_o Cottage Cheese (400g), for snacking
  • Semi – skimmed milk (2L), YES, we like milk in this household.
  • Margarine (250g) … it is a Greek Company that’s why you do not know it!!
  • Goat’s Yogurt (400g), I like that one better because it is kinda sour!


Medjool dates…which are very expesive, by the way!

I got like 200g and I paid like 3 euro! Crazy!


Fresh Produce:

16523663_10212296399835247_1070504778_oThis is probably how my produce looks every week during winter… not much fruit to play with!

  • 4 tomatoes
  • 3 peppers
  • 4 avocados
  • 3 onions
  • A package of baby spinach
  • 1 kg of potatoes
  • 1 kg of bananas, they are local bananas that’s why they are small.

Bathroom Stables:

  • 16466138_10212296403075328_986591656_oToothpaste
  • Shampoo, head and shoulders cause my hair is falling apart
  • Body shower gel, it is by “Le petit Marsalles” and is the pistachio & chestnut kind! I do not know how they are doing, but this smells like heaven… wow
  • Deodorant
  • Hair Boost Mousse

That’s about it! The total cost was 44 euro! Not bad, at all!

Hugs, Mariana xx


Cozy Living Room | Christmas Decoration


One day before Christmas, I decided it is about time to show you how we decorated our living room for the holidays.


img_20161217_1930441. First things first, “The Tree”! I decorated the tree with a lot of white and red ornaments! I went overboard this year, but that is fine! I am in love with the fabric ornaments and the baking – themed ornaments! I also have candy cane and my DIY cookie cutter ornaments, hanging from the tree!




2. Sofa and couch decorations! I bought a red drape for the medium couch – is it called medium?! – and pillows for the sofa and the largest couch!


3. The coffee table! I decided to put this white wreath and candle in the middle of the coffee table! On the side, I have the Christmas-themed coffee mats and a candle plate, for my candle obsession! I did not take the picture, doou! 😛

img_20161217_141154 img_20161217_141209

4. Shelves! On the shelves above and around the TV, I have the candy Snowman container for the chocolates, lots of candle holders and the golden-red tree with the wreath!


I hope you liked! I know it is simple, but is cozy and I love it! 🙂

Hugs, Mariana xx

That Girl at Starbucks Made my Day

starbucks14I am back in Nicosia, and it is 8 o’clock!

I woke up at 5 today to come here, and I do not have my car. So I am not very happy! But I need to do my Christmas shopping! It is more convenient to just stay in the city center and wait until the shops open! Yes, I know, it is very last minute! But, I am Mediterranean, I am always late! Especially, when it comes to shopping!

Every coffee shop is closed in the city center! FYI, 8 o’clock is very early for the Cypriot standards!

Only Starbucks is open! So, I am like, “I will go get one of their holiday drinks!”

Bear in mind, that I am the only customer in the shop!

The girl in the shop asks me: How I am today and if I am working today! — I am like, “No, I just arrived to Nicosia and I am waiting for the shops to open!”. She was very smiley and polite, even though she is working the day before Christmas! She asked me what I would like to have… and I am like… I would like something special and warm! So I asked for a Hot Chocolate! She asked me my name and I went to sit, until my drink is ready!

Then, I see her coming! She brought my drink! I thanked her and I wished her happy holidays! 🙂

She made my day! I really appreciate nice people!

Take home Christmas message:

You do not have to do much to make someone’s day, just smile and then magic happens! 

Hugs, Mariana xx

Window View

window-view I am working today at the school… I am an English teacher!

It is around 4:30, I have a break!

I open the class window and all I see is blue!

As I stare at the sea and listen to the waves crashing on the rocks! I feel very peaceful!

I am thinking to myself, “For many I am considered very lucky… But I am very used to it! I mean, I live in an island in the Mediterranean…. All I see is sea!” :p

Nonetheless, it is beautiful! I take the picture!

Sea and clouds! Perfect combo! #perfectworkday

Hugs, Mariana xx

New Year’s Eve Outfit | Fashionable or Not


When it comes to clothing, I am very basic… I am not by any means a shopaholic “fashion girl”! Not that there something wrong with that… but I prefer to spend my money travelling … :p

I prefer my yoga pants, hoodies and Timberland over “stylish” – whatever- clothes! Simple and comfy is what I do!

But there are occasions when, even I, prefer to dress up a little bit! I always do black because I think is easy to work with, it can be easily combined and it is all time classic and classy!

I have already wore this outfit at a party, a couple of weeks ago, but I plan to wear it on the New Year’s Eve, as well.

The top is form Peacocks (30EUR), the skirt is from H&M (around 30EUR), and the tights (7EUR) and shoes (around 30EUR) are from Debenhams. You can also have some accessories with it… I had a light make up on, nice stud earrings, a leather jacket and a small black bag.

I should have had a photo of these…. I suck at this, already! LOL… 😛

Let me point out something here…. I did not buy all these to create the outfit! I had already had the skirt and the shoes, so I just bought the tights and the top! This is what I do… :p I have never thrown away clothes because they were out of fashion – anyway, most of my clothes are black, so they are always in fashion –  I only throw away destroyed, torn or discoloured clothes.

One of the reasons, I decided to post this is to show you that your older clothes are of great value! You can always combine the old with some new pieces and create other elegant outfits. I want to encourage you to wear what you already have and to show that you do not have to spend tones of money to be nicely dressed!

Hugs, Mariana xx


Christmas Baking! Done!

img_20161219_122909Monday today… I do not have something special to do, so lets wear my socks-slippers and casual clothes, and spend all day at home!

I am thinking… a few days before Christmas and I did not make anything traditional for the holidays!

Then, I am like… let’s make something good and get the kitchen dirty!!

Melomakarona it is, which translates into honey cookies! They are the traditional greek Christmas cookies.

I have already started making my syrup and now I am checking the rest of the recipe… I realize I do not have all the ingredients! I need oil! As much as I do not want to live from home today, I have to go get the oil, otherwise no cookies! I dress up very quickly and go to the market, within 15 minutes I am back and ready to finish this recipe! 🙂

An hour later, I have my yummy cookies!

Hugs, Mariana xx

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The moment I felt Christmas is coming… :)


I went to the Christmas Market here in Nicosia, a couple of days ago… the previous Sunday to be exact! It was small but it was okay! I walked back and forth a couple of times but I did not feel the Christmas spirit cause it was very sunny and warm! It felt more like an Easter market or something, if that exists!


15515694_10211787428831290_1444427135_oOn Monday night, I have to go back to the city center of Nicosia because I have work to do! As I walk by the Christmas market, I see the Christmas tree. I have my laptop on one had and my bag on the other hand, so I cannot take the picture! I go closer, I leave my laptop on the ground, and I pick up my camera. I think to myself that this is a beautiful picture with the carousel on the back and the Christmas tree lights on… It is cold outside, as well! I am wrapped like a burrito!The moment I take the picture is the moment I felt Christmas is coming… 🙂


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How I relax at Night – Christmas Edition | Routine


There is no doubt that Christmas holidays involve lots of family gatherings, a lot of eating and lots of joy!! I like that… buuut what I really enjoy about Christmas is the period before Christmas!! muahahaha… :p Do not get me wrong, I love my family and all the holiday dinners… but there is nothing more relaxing and cozy than switching off all the lights and lighting up the candles! Let me explain, let me explain….

Yeap you guessed it! I am talking about my relax routine! Around 5 o’clock, when it is already dark, I make myself a cup of tea, I switch on the heater, I switch off the lights and I light up my candles! Then, I select a move on the TV and I enjoy…. with my socks on! Thank God, it gets dark very quickly these days because of the time change.

I knooow… I can do that all year long, but the combination of the Christmas spirit, the anticipation for the new year, the nostalgia for the past year and the cold weather make this experience extra special.

I am obsessed. I am a candle freak! I buy so many candles like I am some kind of psyche or something! ahahaha… I am definitely not! I promise! :p


Honestly now, I really believe that candles have very soothing and therapeutic power! For sure, this routine works for me; it feels like I get rid of the negative energy of the day!


Do you also like doing that? Thumbs up for the LDBCT (Love Days Before Christmas Team)…. hahaha

Hugs, Mariana xx

The moment Summer joked Winter!! :D

img_20161211_141957I am at the south coast of Cyprus! Specifically, we are in Larnaca to visit a special friend. We meet with our friend! She is great! She is a tightrope walking master! While she is walking on the rope, I look around and I see all kinds of people… people dressed with coats, others are wearing T-shirts, others are wearing swimming suits and then it’s me wearing a skirt and a shirt. The weather is veeery nice! I mean summer-nice!! I am thinking to myself “Winter will never come here!!” ahahaha… Christmas with 20 degrees and a summer weather. I’ll take that! Then, I am like “Where am I? In Australia?: 😛

I grab my camera and I take the picture because this is the moment Summer joked Winter!! 😀

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The moment I did exactly the opposite!

moment5I am at the city tour in Tallinn! It is freezing cold, but I do not care! I really want to see the city! I am thinking this is probably the first and last time I will be here… The tour starts… it is nice and I enjoy it! Towards the end, the tour guy took us at the highest place in Tallinn where you can see the city from above! I am thinking, this is beautiful –  I am so lucky I am here!

We are coming down the hill I am taking as many pictures as possible… trying to desperately capture every single scene, moment, experience, feeling… alternating between the camera and my phone, cause my phone is almost dead. Of course, I am cutting back from the group! I suddenly turn my back and I look at this picture! I have barely read what it says… I take the picture anyway… Then, I put down the camera and take the time to read it! I smile – bare in mind that at this point I am alone, the rest of the group is already down the stairs- and then I shout… “Guys wait form me!”. This is the moment I did exactly the opposite!

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