Holland Baby, HOLLAND | Travelling

Man, I have been to Holland OR the Netherlands – however you call it – in December of 2015! WOW, that was an experience! It was so beautiful and busy! A very vibrant country, indeed!

I visited Kinderdijk where I learned more about the dikes and how they manage to control the water level so that the country does not become one big messy flooded place. ***Side note… normally, one third of the country is under the sea level, the dikes control the water level and keep the water away! Here you go! Dat educational part, tho!

That’s why it is said that Dutch created their own country! Accuraaate!!

My favorite cities were Amsterdam and Utrecht! Amsterdam is very touristic and busy, while Utrecht is more like a student city – still very busy – but not so touristic! I mean, I could meet locals, there! Dah…

The thing that impressed me the most was the bicycles! Seriously, these people use bicycles to go everywhere! They have special parking places and roads for their vehicles! ….

Okay, you might say, what’s so impressive about that? WEEEELL, they were EVERYWHERE! Piles of bicycles! Also, coming from Cyprus, where we only use cars… that was a cultural shock for me!

Come on girl, talk about the coffee shopz?! ….with an effing “z”!!

I know, I know… everyone asked about them! How are they? Did you smoke weed? Jeeeeez… There were plenty of these everywhere, but, NO, I did not go in and I did not eat the cakez! Sorry! … Oh, and there were also marijuana and hemp museums around the city center… whiich… was actually funny!

Overall, it was a great Christmas trip! I got to visit the Rijks Museum, meet with the locals, bike everywhere, take pictures at the canals of Amsterdam, get to experience the Dutch culture, eat traditional food and travel more… PERFECTION!

Hugs, Mariana xx


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