Portobello Road Market in London

portobelloOne of my favourite places in London! ❤

It was about a year ago when I visited the city, but I still remember my experience very vividly! ❤ When, I will go back, I will definitely pay my respects to the market, again! :p

If you are travelling to London – first, I am very jealous and second, you have to visit the place! Let me just explain…

It was Saturday morning, when me and my friends decided to go to the Portobello Road Market!

We used to the Tube to get there! I am pretty sure, we started from Lancaster Gate and we stopped at the Notting Hill Gate – which is the closest you can get to the market using the Tube; it’s a 10 minute-walk or so from the station to the market!

The day was not very good, as you can tell from the only picture I have… It was raining, as per uze!!! London, baby! :p

The market….

From the moment, I arrived I could really get the nice vibes – the vibrant, the colourful and the joy was all over the place! This was what really attracted me!

It was like a nicely-done puzzle, where everything was falling into the right place, everything was located at the correct corner and spot!

You could find all sorts of things there… antique shops, fashion markets, second hand corners, fruits and vegetables spots, food stations-for a quick snack, restaurants – for the hungry ones and coffee shops!

For the record, I ended up buying two posters from there… the Chat Noir poster (you know, the one with the black cat) and a poster saying “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!”

12737003_10208698585211733_1434440748_oAfter visiting each and every corner, I was very hungry, so does my friends!Hence, we decided to go for lunch! We went to this Italian restaurant at the end of the street, cause it was the best option!

I am clearly very excited to be there… and to eat! I am waiting for my nocchi! xixixi :p

Hugs, Mariana xx


P.S. Unfortunately, I do not have any more pictures… so now you have to visit the market to understand what I am talking about!!



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