That Girl at Starbucks Made my Day

starbucks14I am back in Nicosia, and it is 8 o’clock!

I woke up at 5 today to come here, and I do not have my car. So I am not very happy! But I need to do my Christmas shopping! It is more convenient to just stay in the city center and wait until the shops open! Yes, I know, it is very last minute! But, I am Mediterranean, I am always late! Especially, when it comes to shopping!

Every coffee shop is closed in the city center! FYI, 8 o’clock is very early for the Cypriot standards!

Only Starbucks is open! So, I am like, “I will go get one of their holiday drinks!”

Bear in mind, that I am the only customer in the shop!

The girl in the shop asks me: How I am today and if I am working today! — I am like, “No, I just arrived to Nicosia and I am waiting for the shops to open!”. She was very smiley and polite, even though she is working the day before Christmas! She asked me what I would like to have… and I am like… I would like something special and warm! So I asked for a Hot Chocolate! She asked me my name and I went to sit, until my drink is ready!

Then, I see her coming! She brought my drink! I thanked her and I wished her happy holidays! 🙂

She made my day! I really appreciate nice people!

Take home Christmas message:

You do not have to do much to make someone’s day, just smile and then magic happens! 

Hugs, Mariana xx


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