Cozy Living Room | Christmas Decoration


One day before Christmas, I decided it is about time to show you how we decorated our living room for the holidays.


img_20161217_1930441. First things first, “The Tree”! I decorated the tree with a lot of white and red ornaments! I went overboard this year, but that is fine! I am in love with the fabric ornaments and the baking – themed ornaments! I also have candy cane and my DIY cookie cutter ornaments, hanging from the tree!




2. Sofa and couch decorations! I bought a red drape for the medium couch – is it called medium?! – and pillows for the sofa and the largest couch!


3. The coffee table! I decided to put this white wreath and candle in the middle of the coffee table! On the side, I have the Christmas-themed coffee mats and a candle plate, for my candle obsession! I did not take the picture, doou! 😛

img_20161217_141154 img_20161217_141209

4. Shelves! On the shelves above and around the TV, I have the candy Snowman container for the chocolates, lots of candle holders and the golden-red tree with the wreath!


I hope you liked! I know it is simple, but is cozy and I love it! 🙂

Hugs, Mariana xx


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