DIY Secret Santa Present Idea | Craft


I absolutely love the secret santa concept!

A very easy, cheap and nice Christmas gift idea for your friends is the mug and socks combo!!

You cannot go wrong with socks and mugs… ❤

What you will need:

  • A mug of your choice… I pick that one up because I often call my friend “star”! Hence, the “You are my star” mug! :p LOL… is that weird?
  • A synthetic red ribbon
  • A lighter, to burn the edges of the ribbon
  • A pair of socks – Christmas-themed, preferably
  • Chocolate bars, of your choice or chocolates that your friend likes
  • Marshmallow
  • Candy cane, cause it is Xmaaaas
  • A small card, so you can write your wishes
  • A small Christmacy paper bag! HOHOHOHO


1. Cut a strip of ribbon, wrap it around your mug and burn the edges of the ribbon so that it does not fall apart!

img_20161210_141142 img_20161210_141314

2.Fold the socks and place them in the mug, along with the candy and chocolate! Kinder Bueno and Twix… Yaaas!!

img_20161210_141223 img_20161210_141232 img_20161210_141251

3. Write your wishes on the card and place it in the mug…


4. Final produuuct… it should look something like that! The design is actually up to you! There is no wrong or right way to do it! The most important thing is to make it look cohesive! 🙂


5. When you finish, place the mug in the bag.


That’s it! Easyyy, right?!

Hope you give it a try!! Let me know if you liked it or not!

Hugs, Mariana xx


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