New Year’s Eve Outfit | Fashionable or Not


When it comes to clothing, I am very basic… I am not by any means a shopaholic “fashion girl”! Not that there something wrong with that… but I prefer to spend my money travelling … :p

I prefer my yoga pants, hoodies and Timberland over “stylish” – whatever- clothes! Simple and comfy is what I do!

But there are occasions when, even I, prefer to dress up a little bit! I always do black because I think is easy to work with, it can be easily combined and it is all time classic and classy!

I have already wore this outfit at a party, a couple of weeks ago, but I plan to wear it on the New Year’s Eve, as well.

The top is form Peacocks (30EUR), the skirt is from H&M (around 30EUR), and the tights (7EUR) and shoes (around 30EUR) are from Debenhams. You can also have some accessories with it… I had a light make up on, nice stud earrings, a leather jacket and a small black bag.

I should have had a photo of these…. I suck at this, already! LOL… 😛

Let me point out something here…. I did not buy all these to create the outfit! I had already had the skirt and the shoes, so I just bought the tights and the top! This is what I do… :p I have never thrown away clothes because they were out of fashion – anyway, most of my clothes are black, so they are always in fashion –  I only throw away destroyed, torn or discoloured clothes.

One of the reasons, I decided to post this is to show you that your older clothes are of great value! You can always combine the old with some new pieces and create other elegant outfits. I want to encourage you to wear what you already have and to show that you do not have to spend tones of money to be nicely dressed!

Hugs, Mariana xx



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