Christmas Baking! Done!

img_20161219_122909Monday today… I do not have something special to do, so lets wear my socks-slippers and casual clothes, and spend all day at home!

I am thinking… a few days before Christmas and I did not make anything traditional for the holidays!

Then, I am like… let’s make something good and get the kitchen dirty!!

Melomakarona it is, which translates into honey cookies! They are the traditional greek Christmas cookies.

I have already started making my syrup and now I am checking the rest of the recipe… I realize I do not have all the ingredients! I need oil! As much as I do not want to live from home today, I have to go get the oil, otherwise no cookies! I dress up very quickly and go to the market, within 15 minutes I am back and ready to finish this recipe! 🙂

An hour later, I have my yummy cookies!

Hugs, Mariana xx

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