The moment I felt Christmas is coming… :)


I went to the Christmas Market here in Nicosia, a couple of days ago… the previous Sunday to be exact! It was small but it was okay! I walked back and forth a couple of times but I did not feel the Christmas spirit cause it was very sunny and warm! It felt more like an Easter market or something, if that exists!


15515694_10211787428831290_1444427135_oOn Monday night, I have to go back to the city center of Nicosia because I have work to do! As I walk by the Christmas market, I see the Christmas tree. I have my laptop on one had and my bag on the other hand, so I cannot take the picture! I go closer, I leave my laptop on the ground, and I pick up my camera. I think to myself that this is a beautiful picture with the carousel on the back and the Christmas tree lights on… It is cold outside, as well! I am wrapped like a burrito!The moment I take the picture is the moment I felt Christmas is coming… 🙂


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