The Coffee Shop in Tallinn

In the Old city square of Tallinn there was this very beautiful underground coffee shop! Unfortunately, I do not remember the name… but I can say that it was in front of Tallinn’s Town Hall, right on the corner, nearby the tunnel. If you go you will definitely find it!

The coffee shop was situated into some sort of rock cave, that’s why it felt like we were back in the medieval times! Besides, the inconsistencies in the decoration make us feel like home… I mean they had all sorts of tables, different chairs, tablecloths and kitchenware! It was the perfect place to chit-chat and relax!

The table that we were sitting had this snowy ground level window view… ❤ #awesomeimg_20161109_110731

Here are some pictures of the place…. so you can understand what I am talking about!

img_20161109_111204 img_20161109_111230

img_20161109_111305 img_20161109_111318

It was so cute and cozy! I probably said that a thousand times since I came back!

img_20161109_111528What I got from there?

I had an americano with some milk and a piece of cherry pie! It was very good! yum…

The shop had also other yummy pies and pastries like cheese cake, apple pie, brownie and croissants. Savoury options were also available like cheese pie! They might also serve sandwiches, but I cannot say for sure!

I think is the perfect place for breakfast and lunch!

Loved it and highly suggest it!

Hugs, Mariana xx


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