Quick and Easy Christmas Ornaments | Craft

img_20161214_105926Christmas decorations are probably my favouriteee… so does everyone else’s, I guess!

There is no doubt that the must of the holiday season is the Tree! I absolutely love getting the Christmas tree ready! Do you?

For years we had the same white ornaments… not that they were bad… but I got bored of them, SO I decided to spice it up a little bit this year! I bought a lot of new ornaments, and I also created some of them, myself! :p I thought it will be a nice idea to share the process of making the ornaments with youu…. so here we go!

To create your own ornaments you will need Christmas-themed cookie cutters, a red synthetic ribbon and a lighter or nail polish!

1) Cut the the ribbon at around 25cm (9.8in)! I know it might seem very long, but you have to keep in mind that you will make knots!   img_20161214_110621

2) Now, grab your cookie cutter, pass the ribbon through, and make two knots on the top! Secure it, and then take the two hanging sides to make the final knot. Cut the excess ribbon and burn the very edge of the ribbon with a lighter to seal it and make sure it does not fall apart. Alternatively, you can seal the edges with a transparent nail polish.


3) Continue with the rest of the cookie cutters!

4) You are done! Hang you beautiful ornaments on the tree!


Let me know if you like them or if would like to make them! I definitely love them!

OH, I will also share the Christmas decorations of our Living Room, in my next post! So exciteeed! 🙂

Hugs, Mariana xx



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