How I relax at Night – Christmas Edition | Routine


There is no doubt that Christmas holidays involve lots of family gatherings, a lot of eating and lots of joy!! I like that… buuut what I really enjoy about Christmas is the period before Christmas!! muahahaha… :p Do not get me wrong, I love my family and all the holiday dinners… but there is nothing more relaxing and cozy than switching off all the lights and lighting up the candles! Let me explain, let me explain….

Yeap you guessed it! I am talking about my relax routine! Around 5 o’clock, when it is already dark, I make myself a cup of tea, I switch on the heater, I switch off the lights and I light up my candles! Then, I select a move on the TV and I enjoy…. with my socks on! Thank God, it gets dark very quickly these days because of the time change.

I knooow… I can do that all year long, but the combination of the Christmas spirit, the anticipation for the new year, the nostalgia for the past year and the cold weather make this experience extra special.

I am obsessed. I am a candle freak! I buy so many candles like I am some kind of psyche or something! ahahaha… I am definitely not! I promise! :p


Honestly now, I really believe that candles have very soothing and therapeutic power! For sure, this routine works for me; it feels like I get rid of the negative energy of the day!


Do you also like doing that? Thumbs up for the LDBCT (Love Days Before Christmas Team)…. hahaha

Hugs, Mariana xx


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