Cypriot Street Food

It’s time to talk about Cyprus! I live in here and I really want to share as much information as possible about my place! Cyprus is the Island of the eternal summer, nice beaches, great history and yummy food!

Today, I will talk about street food!img_20161211_125754

The most popular street food here in Cyprus is grilled corn on the cob! You can find the corn-stations near the busiest city boulevards, pretty much, all year long.

It is very simple, somehow healthy and Cypriots love it!

The first step is to grill the corn for a few minutes or until it develops colour…. aaaaand it is ready – See, I told you is very simple! :p After it is cooked, it is spread with butter and it is lightly salted!


Theeen, eat-eat happens! :p Oh, yeah…. and you know what is essential when eating corn… a toothpick! So you also get one of this when you buy it!



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