The moment I did exactly the opposite!

moment5I am at the city tour in Tallinn! It is freezing cold, but I do not care! I really want to see the city! I am thinking this is probably the first and last time I will be here… The tour starts… it is nice and I enjoy it! Towards the end, the tour guy took us at the highest place in Tallinn where you can see the city from above! I am thinking, this is beautiful –  I am so lucky I am here!

We are coming down the hill I am taking as many pictures as possible… trying to desperately capture every single scene, moment, experience, feeling… alternating between the camera and my phone, cause my phone is almost dead. Of course, I am cutting back from the group! I suddenly turn my back and I look at this picture! I have barely read what it says… I take the picture anyway… Then, I put down the camera and take the time to read it! I smile – bare in mind that at this point I am alone, the rest of the group is already down the stairs- and then I shout… “Guys wait form me!”. This is the moment I did exactly the opposite!

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