Stop Waiting for Tomorrow!

I am not gonna say much… I just want to address something very obvious, that I just…literally…just realized! What is life! Oh, jeez… How pretentious does that sound?

But really, we’ve all read and talked and thought of what life is and how are life is gonna be, right? I did it numerous times… I spent hours fantasizing of how my life is gonna be, but I have never thought that my life is how I am now, how I live now, what I have at the moment and what I actually do today. Do you realize that?…. I did not! I really did not understand what it meant…. LIFE IS NOW, NOW… I mean, the future itself is shaped from the “now”!

Goals are just ideas in our brain! They do not really exist, until we achieve them and they become “tangible”, in a way… In that sense, is pointless to think about the future! OMG, how pointless, is to spend  your time thinking about scenarios! No matter how much you think about the future and how you imagine it,  nothing will happen, if you do not start doing something at the moment… And, let me tell you, even if you do start working towards a “goal”, at the end of the day, no one can assure you that you will get there – you might or might not!  What are you gonna do, then? Cry, take a step back? What?

I suggest, be happy with whatever happens… Get up and go for the next one… start working for the next one! Do not stuck in your failure… push yourself, everyday to a better you. That is success! That is LIFE! Your “Life” consists of what happens now and what happened before! quote-791953_1920Future is simply a word, that does not mean anything at all… future does not exist, in the first place.

Now, I can go back to sleep, cause I literally, woke up to write this! Yeah, when I close my eyes, my brain starts functioning in a very weird way! Do you also have that or am I the only weirdo!


Night, Night! 🙂


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