“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” ― Jimmy Johnson

befunky-design2What is that “little extra”? I was always wondering! It seems like a lot of work! Extraordinary – it has to be something mind-blowing- otherwise is ordinary! Right?

But if you really think about it, these words do not make sense! They do not mean anything – no definition as far as I understand. What is ordinary? What is extraordinary? They can have multiple interpretations…

For me, extraordinary are the little, everyday things, that excite you! That’s all! Life is beautiful every minute! It can be ordinary or extraordinary! It is your choice! Make the most out of everything and stop comparing yourself with other people.

Comparison is a trap! Why are you envy and chase other people’s lives? Focus on your own life, see how you can make the most of what YOU HAVE! 

Assess your premises and reach your conclusion! Do you want to have an “extraordinary” life? MAKE IT HAPPEN! DO whatever your heart desires, without thinking “oh, what people will say?” or “what my family will say?”. If your action does not hurt another person, then do it!

You are your own boss! Protect yourself! Manage yourself! Grow yourself!

These will bring you one step closer to that “extra”! Once you conquer your fears and stop the comparisons, then your life will be “extraordinary”!



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