“Grown ups are complicated creatures, full of quirks and secrets.” ― Roald Dahl

befunky-design3They are complicated! They are… They hide their emotions, their character, their opinion, in fear not to offend somebody, not to sound weird, not to be criticized.

Readers, they are afraid to be different and that is quirky all by itself! :p

It is funny because when I was a kid, I always wanted to be mysterious! I thought that this is cool! Because… you know… when you hide secrets, you immediately feel superior! It made me feel like a grown up! I thought adults were some type of alien; something interesting to discover! Well, now that I am technically an adult, I feel that there is nothing to explore – they are boring!

Am I an adult? Do I want to be one? I am confused! When I am with adults I feel like a 17 – year old, and when I am around teenagers I feel older… Am I dying! What is wrong with me?

I definitely overcome the perception of adulthood form child’s point of you. I mean, adulthood is more that being able to take the decision to go out, to drink a glass of martini, to be financially independent and to drive a car!

Adults…. adults… grown ups… Hmmm!

“Adulthood” – means sad human beings…. This is adulthood for me!Is it harsh? Does it make sense?

Well, I feel like most grown ups hate their lives – they dislike their job, they stuck in a routine, and even though, they have money, property and family, they are just “fine”. They are not truly satisfied with their lives… That is the problem!

I am afraid that I will end up like them, that’s why I am scared of  the adult responsibilities! Is that bad? How can I balance everything? I want to live in my cloud! Ok, it sounds like I am daydreaming, but all I am saying is that I do not want to lose my spontaneity, my desire to live, and my creativity. I do not want to drown in the societal adult roles! I feel the weigh on my shoulders! There is definitely pressure… How can I grow up, but not grow up?

I am not going to say I wish I was a child again, but I wish things were not as complicated, just like when I was a kid!

Do you think I search for something utopic? Do you think I am escaping life? That’s really a thing in my brain, and I want to get it out of my system!

Hugs, Mariana xx


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