“I care so much about everything that I care about nothing” ― William Saroyan

How many times are we overthinking? How many times have we tried to find solutions to our future imaginary problems? We’ve all done it! We isolate ourselves, even when we are around others, in an attempt to figure out all the “problems” and “solutions”.

In life, most of the times, there is a waiting period – there is that period when we cannot do anything, but be patient and wait. For example, the period before the exams, the period before that awesome trip, the period before that stupid project deadline, the period before the last day of school and so on… you get what I mean; the process – the LIFE- before the “big event”!

Come on, be realistic! You CANNOT do anything about the future; you cannot shrink the days! Why are you thinking what is going to happen, then? Think of what is happening now – enjoy now! Take care of now! If you have an actual problem now – something you do not like – change it now! Stop thinking about it! You know what makes you happy, so you know the solution!


I know it sound simple, but it is not easy! I am also failing most of the times, but now I know how to face it, and how to come back quickly!  I do not what to sound like a pro, and like I know everything, because I DO NOT! In these posts the first person I address is me.

Stop thinking so much of every single thing, stop making plans of what might happen, stop concentrating only on the negative possibilities, stop guessing the solution, stop torturing your mind! At the end of the day, all these concerns will get you nowhere, because these are not “real” problems! They do not exist in the actual world – these problems exist only in your brain!

Most of the times, the answer to the problem is way too simple. I am not saying that everything will be great, all the time! But what is meant to happen will happen! Why think too much about it! Life is about doing! You just have to wait, “do” life (not “think” life), and things will happen! 🙂


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