BERLIN: East Side Gallery; a wall full of statements

The East Side Gallery is long piece of the old Berlin Wall painted by a lot of artists after the demolition of the Wall in 1989.   The Gallery is located in the city center of Berlin, Germany, and it attracts a lot of people. BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME! 🙂

I loved that gallery, not only because it is a sign of freedom, but because it made me feel free myself and because it motivated me to see the world from another perspective! What I mean is that, there I could see ideas, thoughts, concerns, fear, and all the emotions that humans feel deep inside, expressed from an artistic point of view! The East Side Gallery definitely makes a lot of statements!

For me, art is freedom and a powerful statement all by itself!

NO MORE WORDS….  a beautiful canvas of expression! I loved it!

1451683684501 1451683850285 1451683965531 1451684032541 1451684254664 1451684403462 IMG_20160101_135549 IMG_20160101_140747 IMG_20160101_140906 IMG_20160101_140959 IMG_20160101_141035 IMG_20160101_141423 IMG_20160101_142455 IMG_20160101_142517 IMG_20160101_143934 IMG_20160101_143948 IMG_20160101_144029 IMG_20160103_104753


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