“I am trying!”, BUT “Are you trying the right way?”

What does the phrase “I am trying” mean? I cannot count the times I used this phrase, just to avoid thinking of an alternative, better, way to achieve my life goals.  For years, I was stuck into this mindset without even realizing it!

I wasn’t honest with myself! I was not trying the right way! The word “try” embodies the idea of multiple attempts… but it does not necessarily imply the repetition of the exact same thing, on the exact same area with the exact same way. Your goal is always the same, but the attempts should vary every time, otherwise you do not really try! For example, you enroll to the gym, you go for a month and then you stop! After a few months you do the exact same thing! Why? TRY something different, obviously gym does not work! Try dancing classes! 🙂befunky-design5

If you have tried numerous times and you seem to be stuck in a try-failure loop, then think of an alternative way to get where you want. You will be surprised! Sometimes the answer is simple and it is right before our eyes, but we cannot see it, just because we are trapped in bad habitual behavior!  Other example… I was trying to lose weight by doing things that I knew will never work!

You might say… “well, it worked before!” I agree! It might have worked before, but NOW it does not work! That is absolutely normal! We are humans, and as the years go by, we change both physically and mentally. Thus, we approach things differently, we have different tolerance level and less patience!

Be honest are you really trying or are you afraid to see other options! Life is beautiful! You can achieve your dreams in another way; MORE CREATIVE, MORE APPROACHABLE, MORE FUN AND MORE INTERESTING. The possibilities are endless!


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