Why do I have a food diary?

Why does this section exist on my blog? Why not! I just like the process so much; decide what to eat, prepare it, make it presentable, take the picture from every possible angle and then edit it. I think I enjoy the process more than the actual eating. Also, I really enjoy watching the “What I ate today” videos on YouTube, so I decided to make a blog version of it…

Besides, one of my goals for this year is to achieve a better relationship with food and become more conscious of what I put in my body! I think that this process of taking pictures, is a very interesting and creative way to document what I consume, without counting the boring calories! A picture always shows the quantity. Through a picture you can really understand if you have the right quantity, and usually the right quantity equals to the right amount of calories… So it is a win win situation! No need for stress, no need for calorie-counting applications and scales. Plus, if you decide that you will eat only what you put in your plate, then you will also avoid picking food from here and there… Extra bonus!

Some people may find it ridiculous… but I really enjoy doing it! It is fun!  🙂

Ahaha… Keep in mind, I am not crazy! 😛 I do not do this everyday, I only do it when I have time, usually during the weekends! But the idea of eating what is on my plate becomes a habit; a good habit, like drinking plenty of water or walking in the evening, that can be used on an everyday basis! 😉



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