Yesterdays: Past!

125We have all done it! I do not know why we humans do this! But, I assume that it has to do with the fully formed actions of the past. Let me explain… I guess is just a thing in our brain! We always focus on the things we did, and we never think of the things we are doing at the moment because we cannot see them… The past, involves actions that are completed and thus, are more visible. The past actions have a beginning, a middle and an end, so we think that we can judge them better. Well, at some extend, this is true! The problem is that we give way too much attention to the past! Judging, evaluating, criticizing, reevaluating, and we never give an ending.

A key is to realize that the present is also an action; a valuable action in progress! In fact, this action in progress is more important because it has the potential to be changed or corrected.

I used to “lock” myself in the past, feeling sad that I cannot change it! Thinking about yesterday’s regrets and mistakes is never healthy! GET OVER IT! You cannot change the actions of yesterday! Why stress about it!

The only thing you can do is, is find what YOU would like to do differently, what YOU think is wrong and TRY not to do the same mistake!

One day, you will comprehend that “past” is past and over! Only “now” matter, the most because now has the potential to make you happier than yesterday!


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