OK, I will start tomorrow! I promise!

quote1I cannot count the times I said that… I will start my diet tomorrow, I will start my paper tomorrow or Tomorrow, I will wake up early and I will go to the gym… And, I promise to myself that I will really commit to my routine! Countless, instances! Think about it! How many times did you say that, and in which occasions?

Well, let’s start form the beginning! First things first, keep in mind that when I say that I really believe it… I do not know what happens later and I forget about my cause and goal! Where did that positivity go?

I feel like I have to unravel it a little bit…

I cannot say what is the problem with everybody, but I believe that my problem derives from the phrase… fear of commitment. You learned that in order to achieve certain goals in life you have to give up other valuable things. A very classic and overused example is the gym! To commit to an exercise and a diet plan, you have to give up your favorite chocolate cake and your burgers! On top of that, you have to wake up early, hit the gym and then go to your 8-hour work! I am telling you, pretty soon you will give up on it! Now, that I think about it, is not that I am afraid of commitment, is just that I am not ready! and by ready I mean, that i do not really want to “commit”…

I am not saying that I enjoy being uncomfortable with my body or that I enjoy the low exam grades or that there is no room for improvement! All I am saying is that I do not really enjoy the inherent pressure of the word commitment! I hate the strictness of it! For me strictness does produce, the opposite results! Life is not strict, and I like that! You know what.. THAT IS THE BEAUTY OF IT! Imagine our world being strictly organized. Imagine if there was not room for spontaneity! That would have sucked!!

Your goals, my goals are very beautiful, but they should be achieved the right way! I cannot isolate myself to achieve my goals! I cannot distance myself from the people I love just to follow the program! One day, I may arrive at my destination but I will be a sad individual! With that in mind, I think that the initial positive and motivated attitude, whenever I start something, is just a way to disguise my anxiety and fear of failure! You know what…??! During the process, this fear of failure and anxiety will appear again and will stop me from achieving my goals…


So, the first step to a better me, is to realize that the world is not a strict place because it is not… So when i try to implement a strict program in this world, it is destined to fail, at some point! I can plan my workouts, papers, meetings around my life but definitely NOT my life around my workouts, meeting etc…. That will never work for me! These are not part of my world!

Embrace the spontaneity of your life! Find something you like, create a program that is suitable for you, eat that piece of cake, go to this trip… at the end of the day what really matters is to enjoy your life! That way you will achieve your goals, without even trying! 🙂


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