PRAGUE: Travelling Alone

Prague, Charles Bridge, Prague CastleFor some travelling alone seems to be a huge milestone. Even thinking of it, makes people uncomfortable! I am happy to say that I am not one of them! I visited Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, almost 10 months ago! Oh, God! Now that I think about it, it feels like yesterday; it goes so fast…  What was I saying?… Oh, yeah, travelling alone… You will understand why in a moment…

First of all, travelling with company, usually involves compromises and agreements! If you ever travelled with a big group of people, then you know what I am talking about! Lots, I mean, looots of speaking, indecisiveness, lots of “I do not mind, I like both!”, fussiness, waiting and lots of disagreements. Obviously, you lose a lot of time trying to satisfy everybody… That is problem #1.

Problem #2, or better “problem”, is my overall idea of travelling. Travelling for me is discovering, and discovering, in my vocabulary, involves the idea of getting lost. I am an “old school” traveler, who travels with a map and, literally, tries to get lost in the city alleys. Is it crazy? I like being lost! You won’t imagine how many things I found while being lost it Prague. The satisfaction that I got when I found something interesting was indescribable!  I AM A SUCKER FOR THESE MOMENTS! On the other end, travelling with a big group of people eliminates the possibilities of getting lost, in the first place… you know more people, less chances to get lost… Besides, some people hate being lost… At that moment, the whole experience is ruined for me!

Hmmm, I just realized that my problems are very practical…. Do not get me wrong,  I am not saying that travelling with a company is a nightmare, it is just a completely different situation. I love the people around me and I miss travelling with them! All I am saying is travelling alone is also a very interesting experience!

Let’s go to the main trip… To give a little bit of the background story, I went to Prague to visit a friend who was working there! I was alone, during the morning/ afternoon time, because she was busy with her job! That gave me the opportunity to walk for hours and admire the incredible mystery of the city…

The places I visited…

1. The winter Market

IMG_20151113_131911     IMG_20151113_131430

      2. John Lennon Wall








3. The Prague Castle: The view from there is breath-taking!

IMG_20151115_131009      1447532470739

4. Charles’s Bridge and the Astronomical Clock

IMG_20151113_103933  IMG_20151116_140148







5.  While wandering, I found this awesome chocolate coffee shop…










6. What I eat…

IMG_20151114_193639  IMG_20151113_102552

Goulash                                                  Trdelnik


Svíčková na smetaně

In Prague I had the BEST dark beer… I do not remember the brand, though! :/


If you travel to Prague, I would suggest to go visit these places! But also, give some space for discovering! You will randomly find areas, which cannot be found in any trip advisor! Next time you travel, do it alone, take a map with you, and when you feel like you are lost, DO NOT ask for directions! Enjoy the moment! You will figure it out and you will love it….





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